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Hi. Thank you for visiting my website.

So – all about me

I went to live in London when I was 17. Pretty young really, amazing that my parents let me go – after six years at a draughty boarding school in Yorkshire, my knowledge of life was hardly encyclopaedic. Mind you, whose is at 17?

Initially, I trained as a radiographer but didn’t like it much and dabbled in other worlds where I couldn’t find anything I really wanted to do. Apart from sit and read a book, of course. Nanny? Nope. Not after attempting to look after two hideous children who only spoke Dutch. Cooking in a restaurant in Cornwall? Not really my thing, especially as my role seemed to consist of doing the washing up. So back to London where I spent many years in Wandsworth, getting married and having three fabulous sons, two of whom are twins.

Now I live in Dorset, surrounded by lovely countryside and pretty villages. I’m also a granny and enjoy spending a good part of the year with all my family at our holiday home in Italy. We relish the time we’re able to spend in la bella Umbria, where the countryside is equally spectacular and the area features heavily in book number two which will be published soon. Both are wonderful places to write in, I am very lucky.

My first novel was published online in 2015 with Acorn Independent Press, the second is complete and will follow shortly, and the third book is still in the process of being written. All of them are stand-alone books but they do have a common thread. Although I’ve been writing for many years, it never seemed a possible financial option as a career but belatedly I’ve realised that if I don’t pursue my dream right now, that’s all it will ever be. Hence, ‘The Lost and Found Life of Rosy Bennett’ and the imminent release  of ‘The Puppy that took Dil to Umbria’.”

The Lost and Found Life of Rosy Bennett

The Puppy that took Dil to Umbria