JB_TLAFLRB_CVRIf your life de-rails, how do you get back on track?

When this book begins Rosy isn’t sure what alpacas are. Now she has a herd of them. But back then she had a husband. He died. And from then on another life began.

Not the one where she was comfortable in her London designer life. One where she is left with nothing but debts and alpacas. She and her disconsolate sons have to leave London.

Thanks to the local vet and a willing helper, life gradually assumes a rhythm. But can the boys cope and will the nearby internet businessman cause more complications or be a help? If all this wasn’t enough, her embryonic business venture is threatened and a small girl enters their lives causing more problems.

Her story combines love and romance trying to flourish alongside adolescent hormones. Rosy is knackered, endeavouring to establish a secure home for her boys, provide for them and remain sane which increasingly seems an impossibility. Does she manage it?